Summer is the warmest season of the year. Finnish people travel abroad during their summer holidays. A Finnish speciality is to own or rent a summer cottage for whole summer. People spend part of their summer holiday there as well as most weekends during summer months. North of the Polar Circle the sun does not set at all from the summer solstice onwards till August.


When summer turns into autumn, the nature changes the green summer colours into other brilliant colours. The weather gets cooler and that predicts winter. Birds leave Finland and migrate to the warm southern areas. Nature here in north prepares itself for winter.


The ground is covered with snow and the temperature falls below zero. Even in the south of Finland the temperature can reach -25 centigrades of Celsius. Snow and ice give other kind of possibilites for outdoor activities. In winter you can either ski, or skate or even jig (ice fishing) on the ice of a lake or the sea. During the clear, cold nights one can see the Northerns Lights (Aurora Borealis) on the sky.


When spring arrives snow melts, the weather gets warmer. Plant begins to grow and the migrating birds return back to Finland.

FMT- Whenever you need a loyal and hardworking partner in Finland, we help you.

FMT is a privately owned Full Service Destination Management Company founded in 1977. Our main office is in Forssa which is located in the centre of the triangle, joining the main cities in the south of Finland Helsinki, Tampere and Turku.
We has received a respectful and highly professional status within the travel business       and  reputation of providing the highest quality of products and services. Our knowledge of bringing programme ideas in unique way and hosting guests with the professional touch. We offer a wide variety of ground services in Finland, Skandinavia and the Baltic countries.
Our main idea is to produce special interest tours, educational tours as well as leisure tours for different organizations, associations, schools and enterprises according to their wishes, desires and budget.

We do special tours for example for farmers and agricultural institutions who want new ideas or more knowledge about Finland.
Our experienced and skilled staff is able to prepare the best possible program for your group.

Ask for an offer and let us show you what we can do!

We are part the Association of Finnish Travel Agents (AFTA), International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Agricultural Tour Operators International (ATOI)

Our office is open
Monday to Friday 10 am to 4.30 pm.
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